In March 2020, COVID-19 hit the U.S. health system like a tidal wave, even with efforts to flatten the curve, hospitals across America started to prepare for the worse. They needed medicines that helped patients on ventilators, statins, antimalarials and more.

But the questions, “how much and where?” could only be answered by a broad group of pharmacists, data scientists and procurement experts with deep experience in hospital pharmacy operations and optimization. The experts you call to fix your health system pharmacy, quickly became the experts you call when a pandemic arrives at the front doors of your hospital.

McKesson’s Health Systems team forged a task force, the Critical Care Drug Task Force. The task force quickly came together, meeting daily, to answer big supply chain questions with real-time clinical data, customer feedback and technology solutions. The same technology solutions typically used to help hospitals save money were now being used to save lives.

McKesson’s team of pharmacy pros learned what they can accomplish when armed with real-time data and agile team dynamics. With all of their work supported by McKesson’s ICARE and ILEAD principles, their efforts were instrumental for patient care.