As the pace of change in health care accelerates, so, too, does health care executives' interest in and appetite for information technology solutions that will help their health care organizations keep up with change.

That's the takeaway from a review of the four most-popular blog posts on during the first six months of 2015. From January through June, readers demonstrated their interest in learning more about how health IT can address such issues as patient engagement, cost containment, the quality and safety of care and supply chain management.

Below are summaries of the four most-popular blog posts in the first six months of this year and links to the original posts.

Most Read Blog Posts of 2015In “Major Shift Coming in the use of Mobile health Technologies,” survey data from The Economist Intelligence Unit, a market forecasting and analysis business unit of The Economist, projected the change in how digital health will be used over the next five year. An infographic highlighting the data shows a dramatic shift from primarily using mobile health to provide education and information to patients to primarily using it to engage patients in their own care and to reduce the cost of that care.

Most Read Blog Posts of 2015 3In “Three Ways to Build Patient Relationships with Online Portals,” McKesson's Doug Biehn reviewed four reasons why providers and payers should offer online portals to patients and enrollees. But, he acknowledged that portal use by patients and enrollees can be sporadic. In his blog post, Biehn outlined three strategies to make portals work for providers and payers and their respective patients and enrollees. Topping his list was health IT interoperability.

Most Read Blog Posts of 2015 4On the topic of health IT interoperability, McKesson's Arien Malec in “Road to Health IT Interoperability Wide Open,”  documented the progress being made by the health care industry and the necessary actions that need to be taken to accelerate that progress and reach interoperability goals. Leading his list of interoperability action items is the need for industry-wide consensus that health IT must be centered on the patient and not around specific EHR systems used in specific care settings.

Most Read Blog Posts of 2015 5In “Supply Chain Got You Down? There's a Tech Solution for That,” McKesson's Jayme White recounted the lessons from a webinar she hosted on making the health care supply chain more efficient. Hard to believe yet nonetheless true, there still are small provider organizations and practices that manage their supply chain manually via paper, phone and fax. Automating the supply chain function can improve it in three areas, according to White, and that's control, efficiency and services. 

Each blog post posed a business question that's being answered by health information technology. The posts collectively address some of the top focus areas for health care executives this year.


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