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The most advanced, user-friendly, and feature-rich pharmacy control system available

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The Sanitas® Pharmacy Control System (PCS) is an innovative software suite designed and developed for today’s mail order, central fill, specialty, and boutique pharmacy markets. With 90 years of industry experience, Sanitas delivers the most advanced, user-friendly and feature-rich system available.

Sanitas is the industry’s first and only central management console ‘System Manager’ which provides a suite of tools needed to manage and monitor all operations of the fulfillment system, customizable for each customer’s process.

Its modularity, scalability, and customizability services pharmacies from small boutiques or clinics with just workflow to full-scale automated high-volume systems—all with one product.

Sanitas provides the most robust order interfaces, scheduling, fulfillment, pharmacy verification, exceptions processing, and order packing/manifesting and applies an emphasis on ease of use for each process application.

The unique design is modular for every customer. With this modularity and scalability, the Sanitas PCS can be deployed for systems ranging from 500 to 80,000 prescriptions per shift. Understanding every customer’s specific needs, processes, or budgets is the backbone of the service oriented modular design.

Meeting that challenge and understanding modularity provides customers a common foundation that is geared for growth, consistency across multiple sites when required, or for a single facility operation. Each end user can specify custom requirements for the application screens to display and tailor information displayed specific for their need. This ability allows customers to view unique data specific to workflow and system requirements of their internal processing methods.


The Sanitas PCS Applications User Interface (UI) is designed with the user in mind

The Sanitas PCS applications will provide the ability to customize and tailor the system’s presentation and capabilities to each customer’s unique process requirements but still provide that common look and feel from station to station.

Sanitas’ System Manager provides a suite of tools needed to manage and monitor all operations of the fulfillment system, customizable for each customer’s process. System Manager’s dashboards show real-time production statistics, user efficiency, workstation statuses as well as many other production monitoring metrics.

Reports provide production summaries, inventory and user activity, transaction details along with the many other custom reports that are frequently added to the Sanitas Central Fill and Specialty Pharmacy Industries.

As part of our service, we come to you to install and configure the Sanitas Pharmacy Management System so that you can start using it right away. Our experienced engineers can guide you through the entire pharmacy workflow process.

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