Pharmacy Peer Groups and Communities

Build collaborative and educational relationships with your pharmacy peers through our moderated online platform Connect Community and expand your clinical and financial capabilities through knowledge sharing.

Connect Community brings together pharmacists from across the industry


Launched in 2011, this popular and private online community serves as an idea-sharing platform for pharmacists at Health Mart and other independent retail and health system pharmacies.

Integrated with McKesson Connect, our pharmaceutical product and supply ordering portal, Connect Community has a three-part mission:

  • ENGAGE by providing customers with a secure, private space to share knowledge, ideas, best practices and challenges
  • INFORM by answering questions, gathering feedback, providing product release announcements and leveraging a primary channel to listen and respond to customers
  • EMPOWER by producing and distributing actionable content pharmacists can use in their competitive business environment

Connect Community members

How are Connect Community members using our unique online platform? Currently more than 7,000 members strong, Connect Community participants are coming together in a number of ways. For example, members have actively participated in nearly 2,000 discussions, provided 500-plus status updates, shared more than 150 ideas and engaged in over 30 member polls.

Connect Community features

As a Connect Community member, you will have access to:

  • Customized weekly emails
  • Our NextGen Ideas Forum
  • Webinars, screencasts and videos

Another element of Connect Community is the pharmacy Policy Action Network. The network features tools to facilitate pharmacy advocacy and impact public pharmacy and health policy. You have access to an easy-to-use letter-generating application and a comprehensive directory of elected officials in Congress and state legislatures at your fingertips.

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