Pharmaserv: On-Site Pharmacy Management System

Fully integrate prescription medication dispensing, pharmacy operations and patient clinical services into your operations with a proven pharmacy management system.

  • A comprehensive and robust on-site pharmacy management solution

    With the Pharmaserv pharmacy management system, you can:

    • Maximize efficiency through reduced costs and increased profits.
    • Increase productivity and manage operations with easy-to-use tools.
    • Enjoy peace of mind with unparalleled reliability and security.

Ease and efficiency with a proven track record for pharmacy performance

Take control of your pharmacy data with an intuitive, fully integrated, on-site pharmacy management system that scales as your business grows. Pharmaserv can help you expand your services to include long-term care, specialty medication dispensing, clinical programs and management, and oversight of multiple stores.

Improve pharmacy workflow, profits, and patient outcomes

  • Drive efficiency and reduce costs in your pharmacy by activating modules for pharmacy workflow, multi-location support, point-of-sale and perpetual inventory.
  • Boost revenue and profitability by diversifying into alternative services like long-term care, compounding and dispensing specialty medications.
  • Improve patient outcomes, medication adherence and efficiency by creating your own clinical programs or integrate stand-alone programs geared toward patient needs.

Manage pharmacy operations efficiently with user-friendly tools

  • Clearly identify required fields and flag important information with an updated user interface.
  • Coordinate patient prescription refills, improve payer performance metrics, drive patient medication adherence, and boost pharmacy revenue with medication synchronization.
  • Monitor your inventory turnover by enabling the integrated inventory management module.
  • Gain valuable pharmacy data insights on claims, patients, prescribers and products with comprehensive reporting capabilities.

Secure your data with the on-site pharmacy management system chosen by more than 1,400 pharmacies

  • Keep your data within the secure walls of your pharmacy via an on-site server.
  • Minimize data entry and protect data integrity with modular components that operate on a common database.
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