Beaver Health Mart Pharmacy Uses Cayan Genius Payment Solution to Improve Customer Experience and Security

Pharmaserv POS with Cayan™ helps Adrienne Cervone build relationships with customers and complete daily tasks, making her store more reliable, fast, friendly – and profitable.


  • Beaver Health Mart Pharmacy, Beaver, PA
  • Independent pharmacy in community of Beaver, 30 miles northwest of Pittsburgh Solution Spotlight
  • Pharmaserv Point of Sale with Cayan™ Genius Payment Solution

Critical Issues

  • Improve efficiency of pharmacy operations
  • Enhance security of credit and debit card transactions
  • Increase profits and remain competitive with large chains
  • Accept all current forms of payment including EMV and NFC (near field communication) cards


  • Safety of customer information improved
  • Integrated EMV chip compliance in place
  • Card transactions protected and compliant with latest PA-DSS security standards
  • Prescriptions filled in automated, efficient manner
  • Improved accounting organization with payment signature capture
  • Pharmacy operations stay organized and structured
  • Extensive reporting available, including daily sales by site, department, class and item

The constantly changing landscape in healthcare today means independent pharmacies face numerous challenges. Owners want to spend more time counseling patients and ensuring that there are increased measures of safety and education. Owners do not want to worry about credit card transaction security or PCI compliance. For independent pharmacies, customer satisfaction is a top business priority. The McKesson Pharmacy System (MPS) Pharmaserv Point of Sale paired with Cayan Genius Solution saves time at checkout, provides secure, fast transaction processing, and increases reliability; aimed at increasing customer satisfaction.

Below, Adrienne Cervone, owner of the Beaver Health Mart Pharmacy, explains the benefits of Pharmaserv POS with Cayan. Adrienne has been using the MPS Pharmaserv pharmacy management system for nine years. Her pharmacy is located in the Beaver community just outside Pittsburgh. Her loyalty to the Pharmaserv product stems from her ability to use it in a variety of innovative ways and the system's reliability. Adrienne is excited about Cayan, the new payment gateway option which features “seamless integration with the Pharmaserv system and an easy-to-use touch screen that is simple for all staff members to learn.” Cayan's highly visual interface ensures fast and intuitive transactions at the point of sale. Commenting on the system's popularity with customers, Adrienne remarks, “the screen is very clear, and very user-friendly,” translating into quick and efficient interactions for both her staff and her customers at the point of purchase.

Focusing on Customers

Enabling more robust customer counseling is a key objective for Adrienne. The POS system helps her accomplish that goal. Her store provides “a multitude of services, including free delivery on all items-- just one of the methods we use to build connections with customers,” she says. “Because my staff and I know most of our customers by name,” Adrienne explains, these strong customer relationships enable the staff to build successful counseling experiences. The design of the POS Solution enhances the high level of customer service in the store. Additional features in the POS Solution enable owners to maximize efficiencies by viewing cashier activities with daily cash reports and integrating the front-end of the store with backend pharmacy processes.

Increase Speed, Accuracy and Customer Satisfaction with MPS POS Solution

When asked about how Cayan Genius Solution works with Pharmaserv POS, Adrienne replies: “The chip reader is wonderful! Everyone is amazed at how fast it works.” A smooth, seamless checkout experience helps develop customer rapport in the Beaver store. Adrienne increases her efficiency in a variety of other innovative ways--using Cayan and the integrated Pharmaserv® RxTracker system. She discusses at length how she can capture patient information, identify missing prescriptions, track inventory, and create custom filters with Rx Tracker and her POS system. When speaking about the escalating need for more patient counseling, Adrienne comments, “Customer counseling is a very high priority in my store! Touching base with every customer is routine.” Using the Pharmaserv POS with Cayan means spending more time on interacting with customers and less time on troubleshooting point of sale problems. Adrienne emphasizes the importance of conversing with every customer – whether it's a long conversation or a short one. Pharmaserv POS with Cayan helps her build her relationships with customers and complete daily tasks, making her store more reliable, fast, friendly – and profitable.

  • The chip reader is wonderful! Everyone is amazed at how fast it works.

    —Adrienne Cervone, Owner of Beaver Health Mart Pharmacy | Beaver, PA

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