Independent Retail Pharmacy Relies on McKesson for Convenient, Secure Customer Checkout Experience

Independent Retail Pharmacy Relies on McKesson for Convenient, Secure Customer Checkout Experience

Independent pharmacies face numerous challenges today in running their businesses. The constantly changing landscape in healthcare means owners must consistently adapt to new technologies and new pharmacy regulations. For independent pharmacies, relationships with their patients and customer satisfaction is a key ingredient to success and pharmacists want to spend more time counseling patients and less time troubleshooting issues or worrying about security and compliance. The McKesson Pharmacy Systems (MPS) Point of Sale Solution is a secure, fast and reliable system that addresses these challenges while integrating seamlessly into the EnterpriseRx® and PharmacyRx™ applications.

Matt Willmott, owner of the Sam Alexander Health Mart Pharmacy in Harrison, Arkansas, explains the benefits of the MPS POS Solution. Matt has owned the Health Mart pharmacy with his wife, Tara, since August 2010. The store processes more than 400 prescriptions per day on average and sells a significant quantity of specialty and compounding orders each month. Their loyalty to EnterpriseRx stems from their affinity for a cloud-based system, the ability to use the system in a variety of innovative ways, and its reliability.

A Simple, Painless Transition to Point of Sale Solution

Previously, Matt utilized McKesson POS, an MPS legacy system whose sunset is set for April 1, 2017. Matt and his staff were excited about the POS Solution’s features such as cloud integration and easy reporting. Matt reported that transitioning from McKesson POS to Point of Sale Solution was pain free. If there was one thing he could tell other pharmacists about migrating to the new system, it would be that his move was “nearly flawless.” According to Matt, the implementation was simple and easy. “The two MPS technicians who visited were great,” and they “left a day early, because everything was working properly.” Matt added: “I could ask them just about anything regarding the POS Solution and the EnterpriseRx system and they knew the answer.”

When asked about the top three benefits of moving to the POS Solution, Matt answered: “The first is all of the new tender options that make it easier to complete a transaction. The second benefit is that charge accounts are much easier to handle. The third is that it’s cloud-based, and very intuitive and easy-to-learn, and I don’t have to have a server running all the time.”

Technology Helps Free Up Time to Focus on Customers

Enabling more time for patient counseling is a prime objective for Matt and Tara. They accommodate a wide variety of medical coverage plans and focus on building strong relationships with customers. Matt and Tara strive to know every customer by name and to provide fast, professional service – making the store a vital part of their community. POS Solution helps make that possible by making transactions intuitive and allowing pharmacists to spend more time with patients.

Increase Speed, Accuracy and Customer Satisfaction with MPS POS Solution

Commenting on the move to the POS Solution system, Matt observed: “The transition was crystal clear. The buttons are virtually all the same as the McKesson POS, and it’s very intuitive. We did not experience any challenges in moving to the new system.” Additionally, Matt enjoys the increased speed of transactions, and the new options to make more adjustments at the checkout stage. Such features lead to increased customer satisfaction and to providing better levels of service. Matt is also looking forward to upcoming enhancements to the POS Solution, such as PSE tracking and the new Cayan® payment processing gateway. MPS’s attention to his store’s needs and consistent improvements to the EnterpriseRx system are additional reasons why Matt loves the new POS Solution.

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