Clinical Resources & Consulting for Specialty Practices

Deliver the best care for your patients with a little help from trusted clinical experts


We know it can be overwhelming to keep up with drug approvals, labeling updates, drug costs, and reimbursement rates.

Our team of clinical experts has developed resources designed to help you and your patients learn about select specialty biopharmaceutical treatments and help you stay informed of the latest clinical trends impacting your practice.

Our clinical experts can provide personalized support to help practice stakeholders balance the financial impact of clinical decisions, therapeutic interchange options, and reimbursement trends with clinical considerations to arrive at the best guidelines for your patients and your practice. Plus, they bring years of pharmacy management and operations experience that can help you navigate clinical challenges as they come up.

We can help your practice:

  • Analyze costs & reimbursement: Identify top drugs by spend that impact your bottom line, discuss fee schedule negotiation opportunities, and review therapeutic interchange options and financial impact.
  • Improve clinical operations: Support nursing and operational considerations in the practice with proven best practices in USP 797/800 support, admixture setup, and more.
  • Deliver unbiased resources: Orient you and your staff to available clinical resources including Injectable Admixture Chart, clinical references, patient education, guideline standardization & adherence tools, and more.
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