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McKesson Specialty Health empowers the community patient care delivery system to advance the science, technology and quality of care. Our clinical and business support capabilities, facilitated by integrated technology systems, keep local practices at the forefront of excellent, efficient care delivery while enabling quality of life and financial security for clinicians.

Advanced Technology

iKnowMed (PDF, 1.3 MB) 
Developed by oncologists for oncologists, iKnowMed is a robust, web-based electronic health record (EHR) system designed exclusively for community-based practices. Backed by the experience, resources and technology of McKesson Specialty Health, iKnowMed is designed to help practices operate more efficiently, enhance patient safety and lower operational costs.

Lynx Mobile® (PDF, 543 KB)
Lynx Mobile is the leading web-based, completely customizable inventory management, charge capture and reporting solution created specifically for specialty care practices - empowering them to save money, time and improve patient care at virtually every point of the admixture workflow.

Lynx TotalView™  (PDF, 823 KB)
Lynx TotalView is a secure, web-based service designed to help oncology practices better understand claims and remittance data, so they can ensure accurate reimbursements and streamline billing procedures.

Clinical Leadership

Regimen Profiler  (PDF, 649 KB)
Regimen Profiler helps practices assess costs and reimbursement for administering specific infusible regimens. Easy to use and customizable, Regimen Profiler reports provide a comprehensive overview of the financial details of both the drug and non-drug costs associated with administering a regimen and provide tools to help patients understand their financial responsibility.

Clinical Tools and Research

Our suite of clinical tools provides access to the latest information, research and expert opinions, and supports evidence-based medicine reimbursement. In addition, participate in the clinical trials of the nation's largest community-based oncology research network.

In-office Dispensing

McKesson Specialty Health enables practices to provide patients with immediate in-house service for their oral drug prescriptions. It helps optimize outcomes by maintaining patient compliance and adherence to medications, and improves the patient experience while diversifying practice revenue.

Treatment Guidelines and Pathways

Our Treatment Guidelines and Pathways equip oncology practices with information and tools to help them deliver patient care efficiently. Easy to access and regularly updated, these forms save physicians significant time researching recommendation-based treatments and provide practices with comprehensive checklists detailing the necessary steps of treatment planning, selection and execution at specific points of cancer care.

Business & Operational Leadership

Innovative Practice Services
McKesson Specialty Health's new Innovative Practice Services focuses on enhancing practice performance through both revenue-cycle and managed care contracting support. The process begins with a practice-specific assessment and consultation to determine the best opportunities to realize gains for your practice. Pathways and treatment guidelines offer further opportunities to demonstrate the practice of evidence-based medicine and further collaboration with regional payers.

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