Solutions for the Health Industry

In a time of significant industry transformation, insightful healthcare data analytics are needed to help healthcare organizations see the way forward. Transition economics—the movement from fee-for-service to performance-based reimbursement—requires that healthcare organizations manage the current bottom line while also planning and preparing to manage contract risk.

Common analytics obstacles –including lack of qualified data analysts and the need to manage a multitude of sources, technologies and data—are not easily overcome. Many analytics projects fail. Organizations that apply the appropriate tools, expertise and approach, however, can create an analytics infrastructure and culture that allows them to confidently ask and answer compelling questions that drive success. Experienced organizations know that optimizing healthcare analytics is not a finite destination, but a journey that takes time, patience and leadership.

Managing the different agendas of fee for service and performance-based reimbursement can undermine the analytics culture of your organization by competing for resources and misaligning strategies. Strong leadership is needed to avoid this conflict.

Creating a thriving analytics culture requires an organizational shift in perspective that is beyond the scope of an IT project. The benefits of this transformation, including reduced information silos, diminished data ownership battles and an atmosphere of curiosity and collaboration, are significant. Smart organizations get help along the way.

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Tina Foster

About the author

Tina Foster, RN, BSN, MBA is vice president, McKesson Business Advisor Consultants. This group of tenured professionals provides extensive coaching and transformation services for a broad portfolio of innovative web-based and enterprise, vendor-agnostic analytics and benchmarking solutions. Customers who engage with McKesson Business Advisors have had success in managing population health and risk; advanced clinical and financial analytics; network capacity and throughput; and in improving regulatory compliance and quality outcomes. Tina is also a certified Black Belt in Six Sigma Process Excellence.