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CoverMyMeds provides real-time information to maximize reimbursements, apply co-pay savings, provide patient benefits coverage, and more.

CoverMyMeds, a McKesson connectivity business, manages the nation’s largest pharmacy network, providing essential healthcare connectivity among retail pharmacies, physicians, health plans, pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs), government agencies and pharmaceutical manufacturers. Processing more than 18 billion healthcare transactions annually we deliver prescription benefit transparency to physician EHRs and help more than 50,000 retail pharmacies streamline operational efficiency, improve medication accessibility and adherence and deliver value-added, cost effective clinical services that improve patient health and outcomes.

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Solutions for Manufacturers

Drive new patient acquisition, promote medication adherence, enhance regulatory compliance, and expand medication accessibility. Includes eVoucherRx™ for Manufacturers.

Solutions for Pharmacies

Improve prescription claim reimbursement accuracy, drive medication adherence, mitigate audit risks, and improve patient outcomes. Includes eVoucher Rx for Pharmacies and RelayRx solutions.

Solutions for Health Plans & PBMs

Improve member medication adherence, enhance quality measures, and gain control to customize your pharmacy benefit plan design. Includes RelayHealth ProPBMTM.

Solutions for Providers

RxBenefit ClarityTM provides physicians with patient, pharmacy and medication-specific pharmacy benefit coverage information in real-time during the prescribing process.