FrontEdge - Pharmacy Front-End Sales and Marketing Strategies

Increase pharmacy front-end sales and profitability with McKesson's FrontEdge OTC health and beauty product pricing, marketing and placement solutions.


Boost sales, save staff time, and showcase your store’s unique personality with an attractive, easy-to-shop front end.

  • Retail Pricing: Maximize margins and set competitive retail prices that reflect our comparison shopping, research, using our five-zone pricing guide to 4,500 products that represent 90% of pharmacy sales
  • Planograms: Access to diagrams and guides tailored to fit your space and enable you to stock the products customers want, including a home care selection, PSE At-Shelf Card system and total vitamin solution
  • Merchandisers: Trained professionals update your front end each month—cut in new products, delete slow movers, check top sellers, perform category reviews, and help you capitalize on an in-store circular program
  • Online Education: Health Mart University℠ courses offer insights on what influences customers’ purchasing and powerful ways to encourage them to spend more
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