Chain Drug Review Awards Health Mart

Health Mart Wins ‘Pharmacy Innovator of the Year Award’ for 2014 from Chain Drug Review

Chain Drug Review, a publication recognized by industry professionals as the most influential and authoritative news serving the chain drug store industry, has award Health Mart with the ‘Pharmacy Innovator of the Year Award’ for 2014 . Health Mart was selected for this honor “because of its consistently high level of performance in terms of patient satisfaction, its commitment to giving Health Mart pharmacies the tools they need to compete against the big chains, and its efforts to enhance and expand the scope of pharmacy practice.”

Pharmacy innovation award goes to Health Mart

What the ideal health care delivery model will look like in five or 10 years remains a mystery, but a few things that most experts agree will be key to shaping the future of health care are rooted in the words “value” and “empowerment.” Patients, payers and providers all will be more keenly focused on the value of their health care spending, and the outcomes or quality that these outlays produce.

The definition of value in health care is changing

As a new model of health care delivery takes shape, the way a patient or consumer looks at “value” in the pharmacy space is undergo­ing a transformation. Traditionally, value to a pa­tient was based heavily on convenience, as measured by location, cost and speed.

Health Mart helps pharmacist make dream come true

After work­ing in retail pharmacy for roughly 20 years, Brian Marr realized a lifelong ambition in 2009 when he opened his own community pharmacy in his hometown here under the Health Mart network.

Health Mart becomes integral part of the community

Hashim Zaibak, who runs Hayat Health Mart community pharmacies in six locations in and around this Wisconsin city, has found a number of innovative ways to extend pharmacy services to nearby communities and to pro­vide growth for the company.

Rx ‘must have comprehensive digital capabilities’

Across the retail landscape, digital technology is changing the way stores communicate with the typical consumer. And, as large retailers get even more heavily invested in digital capabilities, it becomes vital for the phar­macist-owners of Health Mart stores to stake out their space in the expanding world of digital communication, as well as capi­talize on data analytics tools en­abled by new technologies.

Health Mart to focus on quality measures

One of the foundations of success in community pharmacy, of course, is the pharmacist-pa­tient relationship.

Marketing supports store owners

One of the keys to the recent success and growth of the Health Mart network is the local marketing support and regional advertis­ing programs that have rolled out to the 3,600 stores.