Top Prescribed Perspectives Reads for June

The top three Prescribed Perspectives articles downloaded by health systems in June


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By: McKesson Health Systems Editorial Team

Our most-downloaded content by health system teams in June 2024 includes an easy-to-read infographic highlighting the benefits of advisory services vs. consulting, an article highlighting the importance of having a partner to help navigate the growth of specialty pharmacy, and the second in a two-part series on expanding cell and gene therapy access within community healthcare systems. Click on each of our recommended reads to learn more on Prescribed Perspectives about how partnering with McKesson can help your health system achieve more.

3 Key Benefits of Advisory Services Vs. Consulting That Can Help You Achieve More

Our Professional & Advisory Services team brings expertise that goes beyond consulting to help identify your health system’s greatest opportunities and challenges. This infographic outlines three key differences of advisory services vs. traditional consulting.

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Research Reveals Fewer Than 1/5 of Health Systems Have a Plan in Place to Reduce the Administrative Burden of Specialty Pharmacy Operations

Podcast: Is Your Health System Fluent in Outpatient Retail Pharmacy?In an exclusive research report from McKesson Health Systems, just 19% of respondents – from a collective pool of 100 low, medium, and high-maturity health systems across the country – were found to have a plan in place to reduce the administrative burden associated with specialty pharmacy operations.

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Considerations for Integrating Cell & Gene Therapies into Community Hospitals

Meet Our ExpertThe article explores strategies for integrating cell and gene therapies (CGTs) into community hospitals, considering factors like geographic location, patient access, and clinical outcomes. Operational challenges and financial implications of bringing CGTs to community settings – including infrastructure, training, and reimbursement issues – are also discussed.

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