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Your pharmacy is unique. Your pharmacy IT systems should be, too. Here’s how we support better health for your patients — and your business.

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Why Choose McKesson?

Find out why our customers keep choosing the McKesson Pharmacy Systems suite of pharmacy tools and services.

McKesson pharmacies help you stay focused on what matters most

Running a pharmacy is a complex undertaking. But your goal is simple: You want to help patients get the medications they need so they can live healthy lives. McKesson Pharmacy Systems is passionate about partnering with pharmacies like yours to reach this goal. We create clinical workflow software that improves patient care and drives healthier outcomes.

McKesson technology helps your pharmacy get results — on your terms

You want to run your business your way. You want to serve your customers according to their preferences and expectations. So when it comes to working with one of the many pharmacy technology companies out there, you should seek a partner with plenty of experience, as well as the power to innovate. With McKesson Pharmacy Systems, you get both.

We know you probably don’t need every single solution we offer. Perhaps you’re simply looking to optimize your business without making big changes. Or maybe you want a packaged set of proven solutions. No matter how your priorities line up, we can help. With our solutions, you’ll see improved efficiency and margins, increased profits and better patient care.

Discover how our pharmacy systems support the 3 pillars of your pharmacy’s long-term success

Our clinically driven pharmacy systems and services help you start, run and expand your pharmacy with greater ease and flexibility.

You’ll benefit from our expertise as you:

  1. Start your pharmacy with help from our pharmacy management software
  2. Keep things running smoothly, supported by our patient engagement and clinical services
  3. Expand your business using our pharmacy operations optimization offerings

How we build your tailor-made McKesson pharmacy system

Every pharmacy is unique. Your challenges are unique. Your customers are unique. We know a one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t work in an environment with so many variables. That’s why we take the time to build a solutions package that truly fits and anticipates your needs.

We start with a deep-dive conversation about your goals and your challenges. Next, we study your current operations strategy and your market to uncover hidden business and clinical opportunities. Finally, we help you choose the pharmacy systems and services that match your workflow, goals and budget.

The result is a suite of solutions ideally suited to helping you serve your customers and improve their health journeys.


"The beauty of it is, if you do the right thing for the patient, you do the right thing for your business. EnterpriseRx is helping us do so many more things right for our patients. It’s the foundation of what we want to do in the future."
—Sam Haddadin, Pharmacy Projects Manager, Associated Food Stores | Salt Lake City, UT