Advance with Healthcare Management Certification

To meet the evolving needs of today’s healthcare professionals, McKesson has a certification program that provides an in-depth exploration of healthcare management: the Certified Professional in Healthcare Management or CPHM.

This two-day program teaches healthcare professionals—from utilization managers to physicians to CFOs—to identify historical trends that have shaped the current healthcare environment and understand the direction in which it is headed. This comprehensive perspective helps you make informed, proactive decisions to achieve effective care management programs and strategies, improve quality and reduce costs.

The certification program benefits healthcare professionals by helping to:

  • Advance careers through accredited program
  • Explore the relationship between utilization, case and disease management
  • Integrate care management processes and understand the relevance of corresponding outcomes
  • Meet regulatory and accreditation guidelines and goals
  • Understand legal liability and ethical considerations, as well as the impact of legislation
  • Identify financial risk to meet the current demand for balanced cost and quality