Pharmacists are looking for innovative solutions to help them:

  • Reduce labor productivity costs
  • Free up pharmacists' time
  • Maintain the important patient relationship

Central Fill, a widely accepted industry solution, is designed to address these exact needs.

Using Central Fill, national retail chain pharmacies can aggregate prescriptions from multiple locations and funnel them to a centrally located prescription fulfillment center. Once there, prescriptions are assembled, verified, packaged, and are delivered to patient-ready back to the originating pharmacy or mailed directly to the patient's house.

The right McKesson solution, customized for you.

Central Fill is not a "one size fits all" product. McKesson offers a wide range of Central Fill solutions for pharmacies of all sizes. Because of Central Fill's flexibility, pharmacies can combine both Central Fill and in-store automation to maximize efficiencies for all site locations and volume levels.

McKesson designs customer solutions based on:
  • Current and future prescription volumes
  • Prescription mix (new vs. refills)
  • Prescription turnaround requirements
  • Ability or willingness to aggregate prescriptions with other pharmacy operators
  • Desire to leverage the facility for other ancillary businesses