As a company that is unique in our ability to help address this global health crisis, we are focused on doing everything we can to support our customers. With that, we are deeply committed to supporting our own front-line colleagues who – through their determined efforts – are playing a critical role in helping to ensure that healthcare supplies and medicines are available for healthcare workers and patients who need them during this critical time.

Our distribution centers across the U.S. and Canada remain open because the work we do has been deemed a part of the critical infrastructure needed to combat COVID-19. Consistent with CDC guidance, we have undertaken multiple measures to promote safety in our distribution centers.

Steps we’re taking:

  • Placement of hand sanitizer and sanitizing wipes throughout the workplace including updated posters and other reminders for employees to wash or disinfect their hands before touching their faces and other times throughout the day
  • Ongoing practice of social distancing throughout our distribution centers, including entrances and exits to the buildings that must remain secured due to regulatory requirements
  • Disinfectant cleaning throughout the day with multiple cleanings for high-traffic areas like the restrooms and common areas as well as high-touch tools and surfaces
  • Providing employees with a thermometer so that they can take their temperature before coming in to work
  • Making face masks available to employees and allowing them to wear their own personal facial coverings at work

During this challenging time for our country in which we are all dealing with a virus that has spread in communities – and where exposure can come from many of our once routine daily activities – McKesson is not only focused on safety but also supporting our employees. Examples of support provided to our front-line employees include additional medical benefits, emergency leave as well as additional compensation.