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*As of March 31, 2021

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At McKesson, we believe that being a global healthcare leader requires more than just strong business performance. It also demands purpose; the commitment to serve the needs of a broad range of stakeholders, and the desire to utilize our strengths for a greater good to bring about positive change in the communities where we live and work. Everything we do is centered around this philosophy.

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Our mission is to improve care in every setting in pursuit of our purpose of Advancing health outcomes for all™. It is this purpose that drives us to make advancements within our enterprise and beyond. Our core focus areas associated with this model are improving access to care, advancing health equity and delivering climate action for health in service of our employees, communities and customers, our customers' patients and their families, and the planet.

These priorities, along with our unyielding commitment to patient safety and product quality, are the core of our ESG strategy.

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  • Access to care: We believe that access to affordable, inclusive care is imperative to an individual’s overall physical, mental and financial health, and yet millions of people do not have access to quality healthcare. McKesson supports expanding access to high-quality, affordable care for all patients, and we share a goal of addressing rising healthcare costs affecting millions of people across the globe.
  • Health equity: We believe everyone deserves an equitable opportunity to live a healthy life, and we know that “health” is more than physical wellness — it is also an outcome of social, economic and environmental circumstances. McKesson aspires to take increasing action toward ending systemic disparities and inequities impacting our communities, workforce and society.
  • Climate action for health: We acknowledge the direct and significant impact climate change has on human health and that human action is related to the underlying environmental factors that contribute to climate change and human health. We embrace our responsibility and are taking additional action to protect our planet, sustain our business, and ultimately serve the health of patients and communities, some of whom are presently dealing with the impacts of climate-related issues and illnesses.
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McKesson wants to team up with a licensed pharmacist to establish their own pharmacy in an underserved community. Email your resume to

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Brian Tyler

Brian Tyler reflects on McKesson’s journey as an impact-driven organization, introduces FY21 Impact Report

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McKesson’s purpose of Advancing Health Outcomes For All has been especially magnified throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. Whether operating as the U.S. government’s centralized distributor for certain COVID-19 vaccines or assembling ancillary supply kits needed to administer the vaccines, our response to the pandemic has spanned several countries and multiple disciplines across our enterprise.
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We aim to continuously leverage our diversity to explore opportunities, elevate our thinking and challenge long held assumptions. We continue to make diversity, equity and inclusion integral to everything we do because we believe building a more inclusive future is everyone’s responsibility.
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While McKesson’s values have always been rooted in principles of community involvement, the pandemic changed how we engage in our communities. We saw an opportunity to improve how we serve our communities; and we recognized the need for insight from a wide range of stakeholders.
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