Patient Adherence and Wellness

Learn how our medication adherence and patient wellness resources help you stay focused on clinical outcomes and patient care.

The health of your patients plays a big role in the health of your pharmacies. But patient wellness isn’t the only thing that matters. You still have to jump through compliance hoops and stay on top of changing reimbursement procedures. All of these management to-dos take you away from the patients who count on you.

Achieve better patient adherence by leaving the logistics and strategy to us

With the right pharmacy solutions partner, you can:

  • Offer personalized treatment plans for patient well-being
  • Reduce the amount of time dealing with prior authorization rejects, so that there is minimal drug taking gaps
  • Tailor the adherence solution to the individual patient
  • Develop a process for routinely asking about medication adherence
  • Involve the patient in developing their treatment plan

And importantly, you can make sure your patients get the support they need to make the best decisions for their health and well-being.

  • Patient Adherence Support

    When it comes to drug adherence, communication is everything. We’ll help you stay connected with programs that put patients first. Contact McKesson Pharmacy Systems to discuss your needs.

    Patient Engagement

    Promote positive patient behavior in your pharmacy with medication adherence, counseling and wellness programs, so you deliver improved health outcomes.

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    Pharmacy Clinical Programs

    Use this powerful platform to help you meet the needs of each patient—and reward their interest in their well-being.

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    Medication Synchronization

    Make drug refills and pick-up a breeze for patients who have multiple prescriptions.

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    Medication Adherence Solutions

    Track your performance in terms of payer quality measures, and stay in touch with patients who take high-risk medications.

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    Clinical Services Network

    Give patients more reasons to stay connected to your pharmacy with the ongoing support and resources our network provides.

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    Mobile Pharmacy Delivery

    Offer a better customer experience and enhance your pharmacy’s services with our hosted prescription delivery tracking system.

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  • Break Down Barriers to Medication Adherence

    From copay coverages to compliance, we’ll help you make sure patients can get their hands on the medications they need.
    Contact CoverMyMeds Pharmacy to discuss your needs.

    eVoucherRx Co-Pay Assistance

    Give patients their co-pay drug savings at the point of dispensing with this automated solution tool that helps keep costs down and adherence up.

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    Prescription Continuity of Care

    Help patients get the drugs they need right away, even when they have a prior authorization reject.

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    REMS Compliance Services

    Protect patient safety and improve compliance with real-time verification that all REMS requirements have been met before dispensing.

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    Patient Benefit Information

    Get pharmacy benefit coverage and cost info in workflow and at the point of care, during the prescribing process.

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    Electronic Prior Authorization Automation

    Improve fill rates and adherence while bringing a greater level of efficiency to your pharmacy with our automated prior authorization solution.

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    Pharmacy Dispensing Error Detection

    Keep patients safe with our advanced system that flags potential errors during the drug dispensing process.

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