Engage and Support New Patients Using Our Drug Sampling Solution

Our industry-leading free trial voucher and sampling program, TrialScript®, helps pharmaceutical manufacturers build patient awareness of their prescription drugs.


TrialScript® is an industry-leading alternative sampling solution that goes beyond traditional sampling to engage consumers and help brands effectively support new patients. Each year, TrialScript helps more than 2 million consumers receive free samples of medications.

With TrialScript, manufacturers can:

  • Gain insight into sample utilization not available with traditional samples
  • Track samples to minimize fraud and abuse
  • Communicate your pharmaceutical product’s benefits to all stakeholders in the health care continuum: physicians, pharmacists and patients
  • Include an opt-in to share additional patient support information to help patients move from trial to fill

Are you a patient looking for co-pay assistance?

Patients seeking co-pay assistance for specific drugs should visit the manufacturer’s website. For replacement cards and support for pharmacists, please visit copayhelp.McKesson.com.

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