Patient Medication Adherence Programs

Develop stronger patient relationships by providing support and education through joining McKesson’s Sponsored Clinical Services Network.

Join a network of independent pharmacies that provide value-added clinical services

Pharmacies that provide expanded clinical services to patients see many benefits, including increased patient engagement, better clinical outcomes and greater pharmacy profitability. McKesson’s Sponsored Clinical Services Network offers a variety of programs designed to fit into your pharmacy workflow that encourage medication adherence and allow you to offer clinical services to patients.

The benefits of participating in the Sponsored Clinical Services Network

Since 2008, pharmacies in the McKesson Sponsored Clinical Services Network have earned $4.7 million in service fees for providing patient-support services.

By participating in the network, your pharmacy has the opportunity to:

  • Grow your business while providing differentiated, value-added patient services that can increase prescription refill rates and foot traffic at your pharmacy
  • Build the skills required to maximize Star Ratings impact by becoming an expert in supporting your patients’ adherence behavior and driving healthy outcomes

Patient education and medication refill reminders

The Patient Education and Refill Reminder Letter Program gives patients personalized letters reminding them to refill their prescriptions while educating them on their medications and disease states. These automated letters feature your pharmacy’s branding and pharmacy information, with a signature from your store’s chief pharmacist. While pharmacies earn a service fee for each letter mailed, this offering is complimentary for you and your patients. Individual patients may elect to opt out of the program at any time.

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