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Our pharmacy management software and services promote better health for your patients and your business

You want to run your business your way. McKesson Pharmacy Systems gives you the freedom of choice when it comes to picking the right pharmacy technology for your organization. Our pharmacy management software and services are focused on making it easier for you to start, run and expand your pharmacy. We listen to your needs and help you select the system and services that best align with your pharmacy workflow, business goals and budget.


Our solutions provide improved efficiency and margins, increased profits, and have led to better overall patient care in retail pharmacies across the country. But that doesn’t mean you need every solution or that you share the same goals as other pharmacists.

Maybe you want to optimize your business without making big changes. Maybe you want more time to focus on patients. Maybe you want innovation. Or maybe you want a packaged set of proven solutions.

No matter what your priorities, we have solutions that can help. Solutions that lead to better health in a way that works for your business and your patients. And we make it easy for you to find the right solutions for your business, by grouping them based on how they can help you achieve specific priorities.

  • Products and Services

    Pharmacy Management Systems

    Our pharmacy systems help you take care of your business so you can focus on your patients. We offer three pharmacy management systems built to accommodate a wide range of business objectives.

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    Patient Medication Adherence Programs

    Our Adherence Performance Solution helps you manage your pharmacy's performance on key payer quality measures that are driven by patient medication adherence.

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    Patient Clinical Wellness Programs

    Our Clinical Programs Solution operates with your pharmacy management system so you can identify patient clinical opportunities in real time.

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    Medication Synchronization (Med Sync) for Pharmacies

    Our medication synchronization (med sync) software helps streamline your pharmacy workflow so patients with multiple prescriptions can make a single pharmacy visit each month.

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    Pharmacy Business Services

    Access a portfolio of pharmacy-related business services to promote business growth, operational efficiency and patient medication adherence.

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    Retail Point of Sale Software & Terminals

    Manage retail sales transactions, inventory, pricing and promotions for a single pharmacy or across multiple sites.

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    McKesson Pharmacy Systems Leadership Team

  • Emerging Technologies Define Pharmacy of the Future

    McKesson spoke with Emilie Ray, president of McKesson Pharmacy Technology and Solutions, about emerging pharmacy technologies and other technology trends that will help retail and outpatient pharmacies grow and succeed in this new health care environment.

  • The beauty of it is, if you do the right thing for the patient, you do the right thing for your business. EnterpriseRx is helping us do so many more things right for our patients. It’s the foundation of what we want to do in the future.

    —Sam Haddadin, Pharmacy Projects Manager, Associated Food Stores | Salt Lake City, UT

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