Ancillary Process Equipment

Leverage our UniLabel and Inline Capper systems to streamline your pharmacy operations

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How Geisinger Grew Its Prescription Mail Order Program With Pharmacy Automation

Geisinger wanted to expand mail order capacity, develop a solid home delivery program, and provide workload balancing. McKesson Prescription Automation prescribed an enterprise-level pharmacy automation solution that took care of all three. Here’s what they had to say.

Labeling & Printing

The UniLabel System is a proprietary, fully automatic high speed bottle labeling, verification, and puck merge system that labels a bottle and merges it to a puck at a 2.0 second cycle time.

The continuous motion in-feed design of the UniLabel System prints and applies a patient-specific label to bottles or vials in a continuous motion process. The UniLabel system performs labeling in a horizontal process flow, allowing for bottles and/or vials to be released continually.

Capping & Bottling

Our Inline Capping of Bottles & Vials System provides a compact capping solution that can be integrated onto any flex chain conveyor system and deliver a compact capping solution that will operate in any Mail Order Central Fill or Specialty Pharmacy facility. The Capper system consists of two main components: The RXAS Capper and Cap Elevator. A single vial can be capped every 3.5 seconds.

The RX-O1 Pill Inspection Conveyor is configured to operate with a semi-automatic BulkMasterTM, where it plugs directly onto the front of the system just to the left of the bottle loading/unloading window, achieving a workstation-like ergonomic. It is an option designed to make the tablet and capsule inspection process easy. After the bottle is opened, the RX-O1 allows operators to dump the contents of each bottle onto an FDA approved inspection surface, inspect pills and remove desiccant and any stray cotton prior to the tablet or capsule product reaching a bulk receptacle.

Image of Ancillary Process EquipmentThe RX-O5 Bottle Granulator is a HIPAA compliance tool as well as a waste minimization system. The RX-O5 reduces a facility’s overall volume of waste generated and providing a single point of plastic waste handling in the facility. With a 5-8 times reduction in the volume of waste, the RX-O5 minimizes the frequency of service required for your waste disposal provider, opens the channels for recycling and reuse relationships and cuts a facility’s overall cost of waste management.

The RX-O5 is designed to operate as a stand-alone waste reduction system or can be integrated directly with RXAS’ BulkMasterTM High Speed Bottle Opening System.