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How Geisinger Grew Its Prescription Mail Order Program With Pharmacy Automation

Geisinger wanted to expand mail order capacity, develop a solid home delivery program, and provide workload balancing. McKesson Prescription Automation prescribed an enterprise-level pharmacy automation solution that took care of all three. Here’s what they had to say.

Image of a drug dispensing machineTablet & Capsule Dispensing for all Fill Volumes

The Script Count-S4 High Volume Tablet & Capsule Dispensing Units

The proprietary and patented technology of all McKesson Pharmacy Automation (MPA) Script Count systems provide users the ability to dramatically increase production throughput and ensure that all prescription orders leaving their facility are 100% accurate. The advanced design of the Script Count-S4 reduces the cost per prescription. Engineered to maximize packing density, the Script Count-S4 maintains the accuracy, efficiency and control of tablet and capsule prescription orders.

The FlexBed Script Count-S4 Tablet & Capsule Dispensing System is built for high volume filling. Because of the FlexBed’s modular design, 5 FlexBeds (100 Script Count-S4 Tablet & Capsule systems) can be quickly and easily integrated into your existing pharmacy and provide unparalleled quality of dispensed orders with the highest production.

The Script Count-S3 Mid-Tier and Low Volume Tablet & Capsule Dispensing Units are designed with the same performance and capabilities of RXAS’ Script Count-S4.

The LVD-252 Tablet & Capsule Dispensing System is built for mid-tier and low volume filling. Because of the LVD-252’s modular design, the system can be quickly and easily installed and commissioned for production.

Unit of Use Dispensing & Labeling

The ScriptPick Single Channel Unit-of-Use Dispense & Labeling System comes in both automatic & semi-automatic unit of use processes to maximize efficiencies.

The Automatic Script Pick process tool is designed to dispense and label high running single-item unit of use products within the mail order and central fill pharmacy environments.

The Semi-automatic Script Pick is a non-labeling unit of use dispensing system that dispenses any shape unit of use product, discharges the product into an awaiting tote or onto a conveyor.

The modular design of the Script Pick is engineered to dock into existing conveyor lines, to install in an end-of-line configuration as an island process tool, or to operate as a flow through process tool.

Proprietary Label Application

This proprietary label application process, for use in ScriptPick dispensing, incorporates a unique transfer and apply technology. For the single channel script pick, labels are printed on a single label printer. Labels are then transferred onto a stationary label platform. The label is then flagged, the barcode on the manufacturers pack and the patient label are read for verification and then the label is applied to the unit of use item. The label print, transfer and apply process is designed to ensure a maximum process cycle time of 6 seconds per unit of use item dispensed, labeled and deposited into a specific tote.