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How Geisinger Grew Its Prescription Mail Order Program With Pharmacy Automation

Geisinger wanted to expand mail order capacity, develop a solid home delivery program, and provide workload balancing. McKesson Prescription Automation prescribed an enterprise-level pharmacy automation solution that took care of all three. Here’s what they had to say.

Replenishment Systems

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The Replenishment-S4 system is used for the refilling of the external hoppers used with the MPA Script Count-S4 and Script Count-S3 Pill Counters. Empty replenishment hoppers are docked within the offline replenishment station in order to be replenished with pills without disruption to production.

The Cleaning Station-S4 system is designed to perform all necessary set-up, cleaning and maintenance of the Script Count-S4 and Script Count-S3 pill counters. The station is also used to marry new NDC’s to existing or new RXAS pill counters. Cleaning and maintenance of Script Count Pill Counters is also performed at the Cleaning Station-S4. The system is equipped with Sanitas Software for set-up and system configuration, of every NDC/Script Count. RXIT system software includes a NDC database to insure accurate Pill Counter performance on the production line.

The Hopper Cleaning Station is designed to allow the cleaning of External Replenishment Hoppers used on the Script Count-S4 and Script Count-S3 Pill Counters. The station integrates to the Tablet & Capsule Dispensing processes using the Sanitas Software.

MPA manufactures several products, that when combined create a complete pharmacy prepacking system, designed to create prepacks on-demand within your facility. The Prepack items include a Bottle Opener, Inspection Conveyor, Pill Counter and Label Maker.

All products are 21-CFR compliant and ensure the production of high quality prepacks.

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Bottle opening system

The BulkMaster™ is a high speed, semiautomatic bottle opening system for prescription drug bulk-up of pills from manufacturers’ containers. This FDA compliant system is designed for opening bottles from the bottom, without generating particles, or manually dealing with outer seals, caps, inner seals, cotton or desiccant. The proven four-position rotary dial design of the BulkMaster™ provides a process control that is quick and clean.

The BulkMaster™ is compatible with process protocols used in mail order pharmacies, high volume drug repackaging facilities and drug distribution centers.