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Our Dynamic Workstations integrate seamlessly into your pharmacy’s existing processes

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How Geisinger Grew Its Prescription Mail Order Program With Pharmacy Automation

Geisinger wanted to expand mail order capacity, develop a solid home delivery program, and provide workload balancing. McKesson Prescription Automation prescribed an enterprise-level pharmacy automation solution that took care of all three. Here’s what they had to say.

Dynamic workstations for turnkey automation systems

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Our Dynamic Workstations provide a common station configuration for Manual Hand Counting, Manual Unit of Use picking, Exceptions Processing and PV2 functionality.

The design of the Dynamic Workstations allows for integration into tablet and capsule dispensing areas for puck/bottle or bottle only applications, into tote-handling conveyance systems, or can function as a manual stand-alone station.

They are designed to simplify the order fulfillment process for counting, picking, exceptions processing & pharmacist verification. In either puck/bottle, bottle only, or tote-based conveyance applications, the user experience is identical across your fulfillment operation. The design of these Dynamic Workstations provides maximum tote or bottle queue capacity in a compact footprint.

Increase efficiency with square tote technology

Square Tote Technology improves process efficiencies, increase packing densities on conveyors and reduce the quantity of conveyor in new mail order, central fill and specialty pharmacy facilities that use the square tote.

The square form factor ensures that when traveling through the production line, it is always in the correct direction. Diverts are simplified and operator handling of the square tote is easier and more ergonomic.

A full turnkey automation systems solution

Turnkey Automation System include:

  • Puck, Tote, Bottles and Vials
  • Square Tote Technology
  • Conveyance

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The Dynamic Workstations also reduce exposure to repetitive stress injury, eliminate the need for bottle/vial or tote handling and maximize process efficiencies. The compact design of these stations incorporate infeed conveyor, puck or tote sensors, stops, cross transfer and powered returns to the mainline.

On Tote Based Dynamic Workstations, totes are tilted to allow for retrieval or insertion of the prescriptions being processed. In PV2 applications, pharmacists are not required to handle pucks, bottles/vials or totes under normal verification processing. Once verified and completed the puck or tote travels out of the Dynamic Workstation and back onto the main conveyor for transfer to downstream processes.