Pharmacy Verification & Imaging Solutions

Utilize our Vision Imaging system to verify your pharmacy without affecting throughput

The MPA Continuous Motion Vision System is a revolutionary change in the capturing of as-dispensed images of mail order & central fill pharmacy prescriptions.

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Our proprietary cameras, illumination technology and processing algorithms deliver the industry-first Vision Imaging System that does not require the bottles in pucks to be stopped in order to capture the image of the tablet or capsule products dispensed into the bottle. This eliminates the processing time gates typically associated with capturing images of the pills dispensed into bottles.

Throughput and Capacity Management

interior of central fill facility

The Vision System is a continuous motion as-dispensed image capturing system. The continuous motion technology allows the system to manage the production demand of any upstream dispensing volume. We offer the Vision System in single lane, dual lane, triple lane and quadruple lane configurations. The number of lanes RXAS recommends is based on the overall tablet & capsule production produced in each facility.

Pharmacist Verification (PV2) Enhancement

The exceptional image quality produced in the Vision System and the speed of the image capturing process allows mail order & central fill pharmacies to deliver to each pharmacist the industries best as-dispensed images. Consistent clarity and illumination of the as-dispensed images allows each pharmacist to verify quicker, with less vision fatigue then other technologies used for as-dispensed image capturing.