McKesson’s Rapid Returns Solution

Expect more for your health system. Achieve more with McKesson’s Rapid Returns Solution.

Achieving more through a comprehensive solution

The McKesson Rapid Returns Solution (MRRS) helps you maximize credit for returned pharmaceuticals and OTC products, credits you faster, and simplifies the returns process so you gain more time for your patients.

Increase profitability and streamline the expired returns process for your health system:

  • Maximize value with credit based on your McKesson pricing
  • Simplify reconciliation with one credit issued 30 days after invoice date
  • Minimize time spent handling unsalable returns
  • No processing or shipping fees for unsaleable returns
  • Go green: reduced carbon footprint and safe, responsible handling/disposal

Hot it works:

With McKesson Rapid Returns Solution, intended for McKesson-purchased items only, you send one no-cost shipment to one processor. The credit you earn is applied to your McKesson account 30 days after your return is processed, reducing your overall costs and improving your bottom line.