Pharmaceutical Distribution

When you partner with us, your pharmacy, hospital or medical practice benefits from access to a wide selection of drug products, delivered accurately, safely and on time.


Our pharmaceutical distribution services

In our drug distribution centers, we have a common saying: “It’s not just a package, it’s a patient.”

Our mission as your distribution partner is to help you improve the quality of care and service you deliver to patients and customers, and drive better financial results for your business.

Our breadth of drug types, accurate and timely delivery, flexibility, packaging options and reliability are just a few of the reasons to partner with us for your drug distribution needs.

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Pharmacy DistributionFor pharmacies, health systems & hospitals.

Specialty DistributionSpecialty drugs for physician practices.

Medical Practice DistributionFor non-specialty practices.

  • Wholesale Pharmaceutical Distribution Solutions

    Your pharmacy, hospital or medical practice has access to a comprehensive list of prescription and OTC medications and other pharmaceutical products, including:

    Brand Name Drugs

    Brand name drugs for hospitals, health systems and pharmacies.

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    Generic Drugs

    Generic drugs for hospitals, health systems and pharmacies.

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    OTC Products

    OTC pharmaceutical, health and beauty products for pharmacies of all types and sizes.

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    Specialty Drugs for Physician Practices

    Specialty physician practices access brand and generic oral, infusible and injectable specialty medications.

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    Vaccine supply, purchasing and distribution services for retail and institutional pharmacies.

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    Plasma & Biologics for Pharmacies and Health Systems

    Hospitals, health systems and pharmacies access plasma, biologics and other specialty drugs.

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  • Pharmacy Technology and Support

    Optimize your pharmacy’s drug spend through a full range of technologies, services and solutions, including:

    Drug Ordering & Support

    Meet your wholesale drug purchasing and distribution needs with McKesson Connect, our comprehensive online and mobile ordering platform.

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    Controlled Substance Ordering (CSOS)

    Order and receive controlled substances securely and efficiently and comply with DSCSA tracking and reporting requirements.

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    Drug Packaging Services

    Prescription drug repackaging solutions to meet the individual clinical, business and compliance needs of pharmacies of all types and sizes.

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    In It Together

    You are committed to your patients, and we are committed to you. See how.


    Deciphering the Industry Drivers Behind Drug Shortages

    Pharmaceutical distributors pride themselves on delivering their own brand of solutions to help customers enhance efficiencies while supporting quality care. Yet, when it comes to industry-wide drug shortages, all wholesalers face similar challenges.