RxKnowledge Hub

Expect more from your pharmacy buyer training. These online classes help pharmacy buyers increase knowledge, drive efficiency and develop skills to improve their business.

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RxKnowledge Hub™ offers online courses designed to provide relevant and educational content for pharmacy buyers, inventory coordinators and pharmacy business managers.

  • Courses are based on pharmacy supply chain management principles
  • Courses are developed by experienced pharmacy professionals
  • On-demand learning management system; access anytime, anywhere
  • Modules are designed to be 20 minutes or less
  • Access to a McKesson RxO™ subject-matter expert for questions related to a course topic
  • Offered at no cost to McKesson Distribution customers
  • Can help improve purchasing and inventory management process
  • Case management projects to help customers realize quantifiable improvements

Previous webinars

Click here to access previously held webinars. Past webinars include:

  • Purchasing lessons learned through the pandemic
  • Creating your brand as a pharmacy buyer
  • Helping pharmacy buyers influence leadership decisions
  • And more!
  • Earn CE Credits

    Earn CE Credits With RxKnowledge Hub

    RxKnowledge Hub™ is now offering CE credited courses! In order to get credit for the CE courses, you’ll need to update your RxKnowledge Hub profile. Follow these steps to ensure you receive your credits!

  • A Seat At The Table

    Have a Seat at the Table: Helping Pharmacy Buyers Influence Leadership Decisions

    Tune in to an exclusive webinar for pharmacy buyers to help them identify areas of improvement based on data insights, successfully communicate these insights to leadership and discover tools and resources available to optimize drug purchasing and inventory management for your pharmacy.

  • Supply Chain Strategies

    Supply Chain Strategies: Now Is the Time to Optimize

    At a time when growth and consolidation are reshaping the healthcare field, aligning the supply chain is more critical than ever.