Six Sigma

McKesson was one of the first health care information technology and transactional businesses to adopt the Six Sigma methodology, a management philosophy developed by Motorola that emphasizes setting strong objectives, collecting data, and analyzing results to enhance business operations.

McKesson's deep experience with complex back office, supply chain, and information technology in health care management projects has earned us recognition as an industry leader. By implementing Six Sigma discipline, the company has achieved outstanding results:

  • Transformed business from function-oriented to process-oriented
  • Achieved more than $100 million in internal savings
  • Proven method to identifying and eliminating profit leaks
  • Improved customer experience and service capabilities
  • Gained a competitive and cost advantage

Our Six Sigma success extends to an increasing number of customers that have been trained in the methodology and are improving their own health care information technology processes. From adding new value to our supply chain partnerships to building momentum for consulting services, McKesson Six Sigma helps our business-and our customers' businesses-attain operational excellence.