Health Equity

Health equity means everyone has an equal opportunity to live healthy lives.

The disproportionate impact of COVID-19 on communities of color is one recent example of the structural and systemic barriers to healthcare confronting the most vulnerable patients. McKesson’s public policy platform is driven by the core belief that the Patient Comes First. To achieve this for every patient, we must end the disparities and inequities impeding patient access, quality of care and outcomes.

Our Policy Priorities

  • The Importance of Data-Driven Equity: We support building upon existing social determinants of health data collection to develop resources, networks, and solutions to address the unique needs of underserved communities.
  • The Necessity of Access: We support expanding access to high quality healthcare for ALL patients, where and when they need it. Patients should have meaningful access to the medicines and treatments they need to make better health possible for themselves, their families and loved ones.
  • The Power of Technology: We support leveraging technology to empower patients so they can play an active role in managing their health and making informed decisions, as well as allow healthcare providers to better understand their patient populations.
  • The Value of Community: We support bolstering community-based settings of care and recognize the need for a culturally competent and diverse healthcare workforce.

Learn more about our policy recommendations on health equity by clicking the ‘download’ button below:

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