Promoting Community Healthcare Providers

McKesson is committed to promoting diverse settings of care and supporting community healthcare providers.

As America faces an aging population with a growing number of chronic conditions, experts say that our country could lose as many as 100,000 doctors by 2025. Promoting settings of care like independent pharmacies and community-based practices can play a pivotal role in ensuring patients receive the care they need.

As policymakers address the challenges of healthcare costs and access, the role of the pharmacist should be fully leveraged as a vital resource. Pharmacists have the expertise to provide a wide array of medical services, including medication therapy management (MTM) and drug utilization review (DUR), the administration of vaccines and certain other drugs, and chronic disease management– all at a relatively low cost.

Expanding pharmacists’ scope of services

Pharmacists are closest to the patient and have the most knowledge of their prescription history. But pharmacists are significantly underutilized in today’s healthcare system and not typically reimbursed for these services they could provide, especially in under-served areas.

Enabling pharmacists to practice at the top of their education and training, and be better integrated into the patient’s healthcare team, would increase the efficiency of our healthcare system. It would also improve patient access and greatly benefit specific populations, especially those with chronic disease. Medication adherence will also improve, reducing costs from emergency visits and re-hospitalizations.

Limiting arbitrary pharmacy Direct and Indirect Remuneration (DIR) fees

In recent years, pharmacy Direct and Indirect Remuneration (DIR) fees have created significant challenges for pharmacists, making it more difficult for them to provide care to their patients. Arbitrary pharmacy DIR fees lack transparency and predictability, threatening the financial viability of pharmacies, increasing costs to the Medicare program, and resulting in higher beneficiary out-of-pocket costs at the point of sale.

McKesson supports regulatory and legislative changes to public policy that would limit the practices that are adversely affecting patients, pharmacists, and the federal government. We have released our first white paper (PDF, 815 KB) on DIR fees and our recommendations for reforms are now receiving consideration by legislative and regulatory policymakers.

McKesson advocates on behalf of community-based practices for the advancement of research, technology and patient safety and is focused on ensuring patients have access to the best possible care, close to home. Learn more about Specialty Practice Solutions and the public policy priorities impacting specialty providers.