Pharmacy Controlled Substances Online Ordering System

Order and receive controlled substances securely and efficiently and comply with DSCSA tracking and reporting requirements with McKesson's online pharmacy controlled substance ordering system.

McKesson offers a Controlled Substance Ordering System (CSOS) application that is seamlessly integrated into McKesson Connect (formerly SMO), free of charge to our customers.

Our CSOS application delivers all the benefits of paperless Class II ordering while minimizing the hassles and expense associated with changing your ordering process.

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Paper-Based System
  • Paper blanks filled manually and limited to 10 lines per order
  • Paper blanks must be signed with a pen by an authorized individual
  • Paper blanks sent to McKesson via courier—missing cutoff time could result in a delay of up to two days
  • Substitutions are handled manually both in the pharmacy and distribution center
  • Order confirmations arrive with your order the next day
  • Contract compliance issues could result due to missing or inaccurate information
CSOS via McKesson Connect
  • Orders created as part of your pharmacy system or McKesson Connect (SMO)—no limit on line items
  • Orders signed electronically using a password-protected digital certificate
  • Orders are signed and sent within seconds—no delay and no potential for lost forms
  • Substitutions are handled online quickly—consistent with policies already in place for your account
  • Order confirmations are provided in seconds via McKesson Connect, allowing quick changes if needed
  • Up-to-date pricing and contract information eliminates duplicate product orders