McKesson Enterprise Reporting and Analytics™ (ERA)

Improve the operational efficiency and clinical effectiveness of your wholesale drug purchasing and distribution needs through the ERA platform.

ERA Benefits and Features

McKesson Enterprise Reporting and Analytics™ (ERA) is an online reporting and analytics platform that helps customers understand their purchases, prices, and contracts. It provides access to dozens of pre-defined solutions and custom data sets that can help solve numerous business problems.

Enterprise ReportingERA allows customers the ability to create ad-hoc reports with many options and criteria. Reports can be scheduled and shared — and data can be sent directly to customers’ business intelligence systems. It also provides at-a-glance viewing of key performance metrics, access to more data sets, flexibility to modify and save report designs, and an intuitive, user-friendly interface. 

Other features include:

  • Clearer visualization of charts, graphs of trends, patterns
  • Robust custom groupings to reflect unique needs
  • My Reports and Team Space to view, save, and share reports/dashboards
  • Scheduled reports
  • MS Office-friendly

Strengthening Data Accuracy and User Organization

With ERA, you can rely on data accuracy. We get data directly from the transactional systems and have taken steps to ensure your data matches your billing. In addition, ERA allows you to pull from Purchase History data going back 36 months. You can also use the Administration Module within ERA to set up security groups, collaboration groups, custom groups, and user roles for better user organization.