Vaccine Supply, Purchasing and Distribution

Expand clinical services, increase customer satisfaction and grow revenue opportunities with vaccine supply, purchasing and distribution services for retail and institutional pharmacies.

Build your pharmacy’s vaccine program

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Whether your pharmacy is launching a vaccination and immunization practice or growing an existing one, we are here to help you improve the performance of your program from start to finish.

With access to more than 80 core regular and seasonal vaccines at competitive prices, you can provide superior clinical care to patients at competitive prices. Our extensive catalog of pharmaceutical products includes most vaccines and immunizations covered by Medicare.

Among the commercial vaccines currently available are:

For the most current and complete list of regular and seasonal commercial vaccines available to your pharmacy, please contact us directly at 1-855-625-6285 or contact us online

To ensure the clinical and financial success of your program, we offer technical, managerial, financial and administrative support in three operational areas:

  • Program management
  • Product and pricing
  • Logistics

We also provide your pharmacy with advertising and marketing materials to help you grow your vaccine and immunization program in your community and attract new customers.

How a vaccine and immunization program benefits your pharmacy

Pharmacies that operate a vaccination and immunization program can reap numerous clinical and financial benefits that enhance their visibility in the community, promote population health and bolster profitability.

Benefits include:

  1. Increased revenue and net profitability
  2. Increased convenience for current customers
  3. Increased foot traffic by drawing in new customers
  4. Promotion of pharmacies as a prevention and wellness destination
  5. Promotion of pharmacists as key member of the health care provider team
  6. Opportunity to market the pharmacy in the community