Drug Formulary Management

Improve patient care, make better business decisions, optimize drug dispensing and processing and streamline compliance with drug formulary management tools for pharmacies.

Optimizing drug formulary performance

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Building a drug formulary with us gives your pharmacy access to a wide selection of brand name and generic drugs. You gain access to our exclusive private-label pharmaceuticals, OTC medications and medical-surgical supplies and equipment. A custom formulary means securing the most cost-efficient and clinically effective products for your patients and customers, driving clinical and financial value for your pharmacy.

Four ways your pharmacy benefits from our drug formulary tools

  • Customized formularies designed to better meet the needs of your unique patient population
  • Purchasing analysis helps you make more effective and efficient business decisions
  • Streamlined dispensing and purchasing processes help reduce operating costs
  • Enhanced regulatory compliance saves time and money

Drug formulary tools and services

Generic Drug Purchasing

Our generic drug purchasing program offers reliable product access, competitive prices and business information. The program’s flexible and scalable tools are ideal for hospital and health system pharmacies, independent retail pharmacies and alternate-site pharmacies.


MyHealthMart is a one-stop market intelligence shop for independent retail pharmacies.

This platform allows you to:

  • Access usage reports
  • Manage inventory
  • Adjust ordering to manage your operational costs
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Drug Formulary Terms

Drug formulary: A continuously updated list of approved prescription drugs covered under a health insurance plan. This list of drugs is determined by a combination of medical research, physician analysis and clinical outcomes.

Drug formulary management: A tool or system to select cost-effective and high-quality prescription medications. The drug formulary is determined by a pharmacy and therapeutics committee, made up of pharmacists, physicians, medical researchers and other health care experts.

Therapeutic drug formulary management: A tool or system to select cost-effective and high-quality prescription medications that help treat specific medical conditions or illnesses.