Achieving More for the Modern Business of Pharmacy Takes More than a Consultant

Discover how McKesson’s Professional & Advisory Services experts can help you achieve more.

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By: Heather Easterling

With the continued evolution of the healthcare and pharmaceutical landscapes, health systems must be more agile and forward-thinking than ever when it comes to navigating regulatory complexities, mitigating financial risks, and solving for ongoing issues, like a growing patient population, labor shortages, and supply chain disruptions. One of the key – and often untapped – opportunities that could “[…] unlock innovative, diversified pharmacy strategies,” around these pain points, according to a 2023 survey by McKinsey and Company, is investing in broader strategic partnerships with distributors and other nontraditional stakeholders. With no shortage of potential allies, however, your health system may find it difficult to identify differentiators that align with your unique needs – but you don’t have to look far. We’re already here.

MHS Professional & Advisory Services

As part of our ongoing commitments to helping your business achieve more and improving healthcare outcomes for all, McKesson Health Systems has assembled the Professional & Advisory Services (P&AS) team. The P&AS team, comprised of a broad cross-section of experts in health system pharmacy, leverages a diverse set of skills, tools, solutions, and capabilities to help our health system customers zero in on their most important challenges and their greatest opportunities to improve the business of pharmacy. More than conventional consultancies, our P&AS relationships embody the true ethos of partnership, innovation, and transformative collaboration – supporting our health systems partners in achieving meaningful growth and operational excellence while empowering them with the necessary tools to sustain and build upon these foundational improvements indefinitely.

Behind the Counter, Outside the Box

Generally speaking, one of the primary advantages of industry-stakeholder advisors is their first-hand knowledge and expertise in regulatory compliance and quality assurance – both of which are unequivocally paramount in pharmacy operations. With a finger on the pulse of ever-changing regulations and a working understanding of best practices, our P&AS advisors provide strategic guidance in ensuring adherence to regulatory standards while simultaneously strengthening workflow efficiency. By proactively identifying compliance gaps and developing tailored solutions, we can help to minimize the risk of costly errors – both clinically and financially.

Beyond operational excellence, our expert advisors help health systems chart the course for future growth and innovation. In an era where healthcare is increasingly defined by digital transformation and personalized medicine, our P&AS team can help your health system understand how to best embrace and implement disruptive technologies and novel care delivery models for enhanced efficiency, cost savings, and improved patient outcomes.

Whether you’re looking to improve your 340B strategy or restore 340B pricing, gain access to limited distribution drugs (LDDs) and networks, expand your specialty, retail, or ambulatory pharmacy footprint, or otherwise leverage the robust expertise of your distribution partner to achieve more, our P&AS team is here to help.

A Different Approach

When compared with a traditional consultancy, our team of industry expert advisors offers a number of compelling benefits, three of which include:

  • Long-term relationships vs. project-based interactions
    Partnering with our P&AS team provides your health system with ongoing guidance and strategic support that allows you to adapt to a changing landscape over time.
  • Holistic approach vs. isolated perspective
    Our experts can take a full-spectrum view of your health system pharmacy to help identify areas for growth, innovation, risk management, and more.
  • Transfer of knowledge vs. one-time execution
    The P&AS team is committed to empowering health systems with the knowledge, tools, and expertise necessary to achieve sustainable improvements now and in the future.

Still, the key differentiator between consultants and industry expert advisors lies in their fundamental approach to problem-solving. Consultants may offer solutions, while expert advisors can co-create possibilities and opportunities. Consultants may deliver insights, while expert advisors can cultivate foresight and autonomy. Consultants may prescribe remedies, while expert advisors can instill resilience and innovation. To achieve more for your business of pharmacy, you need more than a consultant – and we’re already here.

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