McKesson Delivers UA Solution that Transforms Losses into Profitability

Learn how McKesson’s Utilization Analytics helped Shore Medical Center achieve more.

By: McKesson Health Systems Editorial Team

Read time: 5 minutes

Shore Medical Center, a quality healthcare hub in New Jersey, partnered with McKesson after discovering conflicting spend and reimbursement data. McKesson’s Utilization Analytics Solution was able to integrate the company’s disparate data and provide a clear picture of their financials. The health system saw immediate results, eliminating $250,000 in losses and realizing $270,000 in recoveries by integrating purchasing, utilization, and reimbursement data. As a result of the tremendous value Shore Medical found in the program, they were excited to extend their contract with McKesson.

McKesson’s Utilization Analytics solution helps health systems achieve more by enhancing visibility into their financial performance. McKesson’s user-friendly solution integrates purchasing, usage, and reimbursement data to answer these and other questions:

  • Which providers consistently prescribe high-cost drugs?
  • Is the reimbursement optimal for the drugs being administered in my clinic?
  • How can I find opportunities to reduce inpatient costs?

Download the case study to learn how Shore Medical Center’s partnership with McKesson provided tremendous value. (PDF, 183 KB)

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