McKesson’s Reliable Supply Chain Overcomes Natural Disasters

From hurricanes to wildfires, McKesson proves you can achieve more—delivering products to customers who need them.


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Beyond their immediate devastation to life and property, catastrophic events like hurricanes, wildfires, and blizzards can quickly overwhelm recovery efforts by shutting down access into and within entire towns. They disrupt livelihoods and prevent people from receiving critical goods and services—including medical supplies and pharmaceuticals.

At McKesson, maintaining a seamless supply chain process has always been a top priority. Managing the delivery of critical medications in the wake of natural disaster has never been an “if” scenario, but rather a “when.” The McKesson team has decades of experience in planning ahead to maintain an uninterrupted supply chain once a disaster hits, as well as the know-how to quickly shift operations in real time to help ensure the hardest-hit communities continue to be supported.

As an essential supplier to the healthcare industry, McKesson continues to learn lessons from every new natural disaster that crosses its path. By enhancing system efficiencies, improving business processes, and hiring and developing talented team members, McKesson is better equipped to act with agility. It also maintains strong supplier relationships to better position itself to make quick, well-informed decisions on product-specific intelligence. These are just a few of the strategies that support a stable pharmaceutical supply chain.

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