Top Prescribed Perspectives Reads for December

The top three Prescribed Perspectives articles downloaded by health systems in December

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By: McKesson Health Systems Editorial Team

Our most-downloaded content by health system teams in December 2023 includes a comprehensive eBook outlining three critical risks of overlooking or underutilizing your outpatient retail pharmacy, a resource library to help your health system pharmacy prepare for upcoming DIR fee changes set to take effect on January 1, 2024, and an informative article on the importance of a health system pharmacy having access to orphan drugs. Click our recommended reads to learn more on Prescribed Perspectives about how partnering with McKesson can help your health system achieve more.

eBook: 3 Costly Risks of Underutilizing Your Outpatient Retail Pharmacy

In this free eBook, we explore how a fully integrated outpatient retail pharmacy can help you achieve more for your business of pharmacy and support the financial health of your system while revealing three costly risks of underutilizing this critical resource.

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DIR Changes Set to Take Effect January 1st – a Resource Library to Help Your Health System Prepare

With little time left until January 1, 2024 – when the CMS final rule prohibiting Medicare Part D plan sponsors and PBMs from retroactively assessing DIR fees on any claim submitted by pharmacies under Medicare Part D will go into effect, we’ve compiled a list of recent articles to help your health system prepare.

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It’s a Win-Win When the Health System Specialty Pharmacy Has Access to Orphan Drugs

Patient care can be positively influenced when a health system specialty pharmacy has access to orphan drugs. In this article, Lindsey DeMarrais, PharmD, MS, Managing Pharmacist Consultant at McKesson Health Systems, discusses some of the most important considerations in understanding the value of access to orphan drugs both for patient care and the financial health of the system.

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