Top Prescribed Perspectives Reads for May

The top three Prescribed Perspectives articles downloaded by health systems in May.

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By: McKesson Health Systems Editorial Team

Our most-downloaded content by health system teams in May 2023 includes an expert Q&A surrounding bagging practices, a look at our new podcast with the first episode focused on outpatient retail pharmacy, and a Q&A about the benefits of utilization analytics. Click our recommended reads to learn more on Prescribed Perspectives.

Benefits and Challenges of White, Brown, Clear, and Gold Bagging

We sat down with Lindsey DeMarrais to discuss white, brown, clear, and gold bagging in relation to health systems and patients. In this informative Q&A, she shares her insights on how each practice works and their overall impact on the healthcare system.

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Podcast: Is Your Health System Fluent in Outpatient Retail Pharmacy?

Podcast: Is Your Health System Fluent in Outpatient Retail Pharmacy?On our first episode we’re joined by two McKesson experts as they discuss some of the essential strategies and benefits of outpatient retail pharmacy. Check out “Is Your Health System Fluent in Outpatient Retail Pharmacy?”

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Meet Our Expert: Adrienne Donaldson Discusses the Benefits of McKesson’s UA Tool

Meet Our ExpertMcKesson expert Adrienne Donaldson discusses how health systems can use utilization analytics to maximize cost savings and revenue opportunities.

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