Top Prescribed Perspectives Reads for October

The top three Prescribed Perspectives articles downloaded by health systems in October.

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By: McKesson Health Systems Editorial Team

Our most-downloaded content by health system teams in October 2023 includes an eBook outlining 10 essential questions CFOs and pharmacy leaders should be asking, a new podcast on navigating the complexities of 340B contract pricing restoration, and a video on the positive contributions pharmacists can make to the care of patients with breast cancer. Click our recommended reads to learn more on Prescribed Perspectives about how partnering with McKesson can help your health system achieve more.

10 Questions Every CFO and Pharmacy Leader Must Answer to Help Achieve More for the Business of Pharmacy

Learn how McKesson can help you achieve revenue growth and profitability across your health system.

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Podcast: Navigating 340B Contract Pricing Restoration

Podcast: Navigating 340B Contract Pricing RestorationListen in as Heather Easterling, PharmD, MBA, Assistant Vice President 340B Solutions at McKesson Health Systems, discusses next steps to 340B contract pricing restoration and how McKesson can help you achieve more through 340B solutions that increase transparency.

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Video: Celebrating Women Pharmacist Day

Celebrating Women Pharmacist DayFor Women Pharmacist Day this year, our own Lindsey DeMarrais, PharmD, MS, shares her thoughts and experiences from her perspective as both a woman and a pharmacist on how the pharmacist’s role in the care and treatment of breast cancer patients has changed over time, how women pharmacists are uniquely positioned to make a difference, and what she hopes to see going forward.

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