Using Data and Analytics to Tackle Drug Pricing Challenges

A groundbreaking solution to help health system customers tackle their 340B program management challenges.


By: McKesson Health Systems Editorial Team

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McKesson Health Systems and Macro Helix create game-changing 340B ImpactSM solution

In collaboration with Macro Helix, McKesson Health Systems developed 340B Impact – a groundbreaking solution to help health system customers tackle their 340B program management challenges with the power of data and analytics. The new tool gives healthcare entities unprecedented visibility and insight into their 340B business performance metrics, as well as uncover critical savings opportunities.

The Importance of 340B

The 340B Drug Pricing Program is a federal program to help covered entities provide medications at significantly lower cost to underserved patients. Although this important program provides health systems with a financial safety-net, the 340B Drug Pricing Program is often complicated and difficult to navigate.

To help customers overcome this challenge, McKesson utilized expertise in Health Systems wholesale distribution business and collaborated with Macro Helix, part of McKesson’s Pharmacy Technology & Innovation Group (PTIG) that helps customers manage their 340B program with software and services designed to “uncomplicate the complicated.”

Making an Impact

The idea for 340B Impact began within the 340B Solutions team, which was seeking to innovate with analytics to assist customers. The team created a customized dashboard that could be shared in meetings, delivering valuable insights for the customer. However, they soon realized that allowing customers access to those personalized insights would provide added value for them.

“We knew we could scale it; we just needed the right technology partner,” recalls Chris Shain, Assistant VP, 340B Solutions. “We approached the Macro Helix team, and they were excited because they saw the potential power and value of this for our joint customer base.” Shain joined forces with Brad Stump, Director of Project Management Strategy for Macro Helix to create this cost-saving innovation.

Continued Market Relevance

In April 2022, the solution went live for general availability in the marketplace. But the innovation won’t stop there. 340B Impact will continue to evolve based on customer-centric research, with a focus on how the tool can deliver the most value and enhanced saving opportunities to current customers.

Want to learn more about 340B ImpactSM? Download the Lookbook for more information.