Improve Medication Compliance with the Adherence Performance Solution Dashboard

Our value-based medication adherence tools help your pharmacy build strong relationships with payers, providers and patients alike.

What is adherence?

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Medication adherence, sometimes called medication compliance, is when a patient takes their prescription drug correctly: on time, in the correct dosage and for the length of time their doctor prescribed. If they don’t, it could mean the drug doesn’t work like it should. There are many reasons why a patient might not take a drug correctly — or at all. McKesson Pharmacy Systems’ Adherence Performance Solutions dashboard helps address these reasons.

The APS dashboard benefits both your patients and your pharmacy

Patient outcomes matter — and so do payer quality measures. The APS dashboard is a simple, practical and affordable way to understand and benchmark your pharmacy’s adherence performance while improving patient medication compliance.

For your patients: Better medication adherence and convenience

The APS dashboard aids medication adherence by improving your pharmacy’s oversight of and communication with patients.

  • Build a closer relationship with your patients with your patients with customized and automated communication, patient counseling and clinical programs that promote patient medication adherence
  • Increase the number of prescriptions filled by ensuring patients receive their medication regularly through prescription pick-up reminders and bundled multiple prescription refills
  • Improve convenience for patients by offering mobile delivery to their home or hospital bedside
  • Enhance care for your elderly patients by communicating directly with them about the potential effects of high-risk medications and, with their permission, working with their physicians to find less-risky options

For your pharmacy: Better adherence monitoring, revenue and reimbursements

The insights you gain from the intuitive, user-friendly APS online dashboard can lead to increased revenue and profit, reimbursements, network inclusion and contracting advantages for your pharmacy. The APS dashboard delivers:

  • The ability to proactively identify, target and counsel patients who fall below quality measures for medication adherence
  • Insights on where to adjust and improve your medication adherence Star Ratings through actionable patient-level detail, including patient drug interactions
  • Data to share with payers and prescribers to prove the value of your pharmacy to their network
  • Pharmacy benchmarking data to compare your adherence performance with the rest of the market segment
  • More time to provide personalized patient care with pharmacy workflow efficiencies such as prior authorization, automated patient communication and medication synchronization
  • Easy data sorting and filtering

You simply choose the services that will help you prioritize patient care and maximize business efficiency. Then, we work with you to build your desired services into your pharmacy management system.

Break down the barriers to patient medication adherence

Tap into the power of APS’s customizable communications tools to address the most common reasons for patient non-adherence.

Patient reason: “I forgot about it.”
APS solution: Offer refill and prescription-ready reminders via an Integrated Voice Response system, text and email alerts, outbound reminder calls, and customized education and refill reminder letters exclusively offered by McKesson-sponsored Clinical Services.

Patient reason:“I don't understand the instructions.”
APS solution: Offer unit dose packaging and Medication Therapy Management (MTM) counseling to help patients understand their medications.

Patient reason:“I don’t like the side effects.”
APS solution: Provide appointment-based patient counseling using a McKesson pharmacy management system that documents counseling events and delivers DUR alerts that occur during the dispensing process.

Patient reason:“I don’t have time to pick it up.”
APS solution: Offer med sync, which bundles patient payments and minimizes trips to the pharmacy, and a mobile pharmacy delivery service for patient medications that captures payments and tracks deliveries.

Patient reason:“I can’t afford it.”
APS solution: Offer discounts on patient medications through electronic coupons, including eVoucherRx™ from RelayHealth, which reduces patient out-of-pocket costs for prescriptions.