Clinical Programs Solution (CPS) from McKesson Pharmacy Systems

Take the hassle out of building and managing pharmacy wellness programs and achieve your business goals with our integrated platform.


Pharmacy Wellness Programs Customized for Your Pharmacy and Your Patients

Learn how our Clinical Programs Solution enables you to build customized wellness programs, maintain vendor programs for enrolled patients with specific medical conditions, and synchronize patient data automatically with your pharmacy management system.

Build pharmacy wellness programs that work for you and your patients

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Every patient counts. And they all have different clinical needs.

McKesson Pharmacy Systems’ Clinical Programs Solution™ (CPS) helps you meet those needs. It’s a customizable platform that operates as part of your pharmacy management system, integrating with your workflow so your team can act on notifications in real time.

Effective clinical programs build patient relationships, enhance revenue opportunities and promote positive outcomes — including reduced readmissions. CPS also augments reimbursements and boosts your staff’s efficiency, all while staying within a preferred network.

Manage patients’ clinical needs, all within your workflow

  • Operate the solution as part of your pharmacy management system
  • Integrate stand-alone clinical programs into workflow
  • Notify pharmacy staff in real time when a patient is eligible for a program
  • Create custom pharmacy wellness programs to support your patients, including immunizations, high-risk medications, dietary supplements, medication therapy management (MTM) counseling and more
  • Define eligibility criteria, messaging criteria and data parameters for enrolled patients
  • Identify clinical treatment opportunities for diabetes, hypertension, smoking cessation and other conditions by automatically synchronizing patient data with your pharmacy management system

Achieve your business goals

  • Increase pharmacy staff efficiency
  • Increase treatment completion rates on clinical opportunities
  • Help meet payer contract requirements
  • Potentially increase AWP reimbursements and reduce DIR fees 

Tap into system-integrated tasks and views

  • Get a patient-centric view of enrolled clinical programs
  • Display views and messages from programs where patients are enrolled, declined enrollment, unenrolled and/or eligible for enrollment
  • Easily export data from clinical programs to run reports

Clinical program vendor integration

If you’re a clinical program vendor and are interested in integration with CPS, simply undergo the MPS certification process to comply with required technical standards.

Examples of available stand-alone programs integrated with McKesson’s Clinical Programs Solution include Therigy, Outcomes MTM, and Adherence Performance Solution. Please contact us for a complete list of platform integrations.


What Clinical Programs Are Doing for Pharmacists

In an interview with Pharmacy Times, Heather Cusick, PharmD, of McKesson, and Byron Jones, PharmD, a "super-user" of their clinical programs, discuss how the programs are changing the way pharmacists work.


"The CPS program puts information at my fingertips as I am dispensing for a given patient. The CPS software alerts me to a patient who is not compliant within a particular category. By doing that, the software allows me to do something right then at that point with the patient while I am dealing with that prescription."
—Paul Fulmer, Fulmer U-Save Health Mart Pharmacy | Holdrege, NE