Patient Engagement and Clinical Services

Provide comprehensive patient care with services that promote medication adherence, personalized counseling, convenient communication and pharmacy workflow efficiency.

Encourage positive patient behavior for healthier outcomes

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Patient care and communication is a priority

We know that taking care of your patients is important to you. You can count on us to give you the time, resources and communication tools, so you can engage with your patients and encourage healthy behavior. Our Patient Engagement and Clinical Services help you make your patients feel better. Here’s how:

Improve patient engagement and your bottom line

Of course, the care and overall health of your patients is your number one priority. But why not make your business more efficient at the same time? Our Patient Engagement and Clinical Services can promote patient wellness and positively impact your bottom line. Here are some of the possibilities:

  • Streamline the delivery of patient care with prior authorization, integrated patient communication, prescription refill synchronization and filters to identify new clinical opportunities
  • Improve the quality of pharmacy care by monitoring patient medication adherence and tracking patient drug interactions
  • Enroll patients in clinical programs that manage immunization, chronic diseases, high-risk medications, dietary supplements, medication therapy management (MTM) counseling and more
  • Gain more time to provide personalized patient care by implementing pharmacy workflow efficiencies such as prior authorization, automated patient communication and medication synchronization
  • Reduce patient wait times with convenient prescription pick-up reminders, mobile drug delivery to patients and enrollment in clinical programs that promote medication adherence

It’s simple, really. You choose the services that will help you prioritize patient care and maximize business efficiency. Then we work with you to build your desired services right into your pharmacy management system.

Patient engagement and clinical services that deliver healthy outcomes

Clinical Programs Solution: Pharmacy Patient Wellness Programs

Identify clinical treatment opportunities for diabetes, hypertension, smoking cessation, and more by automatically synchronizing patient data with your pharmacy management system.

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Adherence Performance Solution: Patient Medication Adherence Programs

Maintain an online dashboard that enables you to track patient medication adherence and benchmark your pharmacy’s adherence performance against key payer quality measures.

Explore Adherence Performance Solution

Intelligent Prior Authorization (IPA) from CoverMyMeds®

Streamline the prior authorization process to reduce any potential delays with the start of a patient’s prescription medication regimen.

Explore Intelligent Prior Authorization

Medication Synchronization (Med Sync) for Pharmacies

Enable patients with multiple prescriptions to make a single pharmacy visit each month to pick up their medication.

Explore Medication Synchronization

Medication Therapy Management (MTM)

Identify opportunities to talk to patients about their prescription interactions and get reimbursed by your payer for patient counseling services rendered.

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Mobile Prescription Delivery for Pharmacies

Support medication adherence through the convenient, trackable delivery of prescriptions to a patient’s home or hospital bedside.

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Patient Communication Services (PCS) and Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

Send drug refill and pick-up reminders via phone, email or text. Let patients request refills without speaking to pharmacy staff. Notify patients about vaccination clinics or special promotions.

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