Adherence Performance Metrics Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions:

1. In addition to any data rights granted to McKesson in the Agreement, if Client purchases Adherence Performance Metrics, Client represents and warrants that Client has the right to grant McKesson access to, and authorizes McKesson to utilize, the necessary data, including, but not limited to, Protected Health Information, for such Adherence Performance Metrics.

2. McKesson SERVICES
McKesson will provide to Client a set of Adherence Performance Solution (“APS”) reports on a monthly basis (the “Reports”). The Reports will contain information that will help Client understand patient adherence for identified disease states based on the patient’s proportion of days covered (PDC) during a specified measurement window. Information contained in the Reports will include, for example, the Client’s adherence rating (1-5), how many adherent patients vs. non-adherent patients per month, a rolling six- month adherence trend report, information on how many patients need to become adherent to improve Client’s adherence rating, a list of non-adherent patients to target for an adherence program, and adherence ratings for the specific health plans for Client’s patients.


     3.1 Client will, as applicable:
secure authorizations from third parties that are necessary to receive the McKesson Services; and supply all electronic data to McKesson in the required format or authorize a third party to provide the required data.

     3.2 at its sole expense, deliver data from all relevant sources, including performing all data extraction and data imports to upload and download data among all applicable data repositories (including Client’s internal and third-party systems) in compliance with the transport protocols, data formats, and other specifications as identified by McKesson.

     3.3 Use of Client Marks. If Client requests that McKesson use any Client Marks in materials created during McKesson’s provision of the McKesson Services, Client hereby grants to McKesson a worldwide, royalty-free, limited, nonexclusive license to use and display Client’s Marks as necessary for McKesson to perform its obligations under the Agreement. For the purposes herein, “Client Marks” shall mean the trademarks, service marks, logos, trade names and other indicia of origin of Client. Client represents and warrants that it has sufficient rights in the Client Marks necessary to grant McKesson the licenses granted in this Section, and that McKesson’s use of the Client Marks in compliance with the Agreement will not infringe the rights of any third party. All goodwill associated with McKesson’s use of Client Marks will inure to the benefit of Client.