e-Prescribing Service Terms and Conditions

1. SERVICE AGREEMENT. Subject to Client’s compliance with these e- Prescribing Service terms and conditions, McKesson agrees to arrange for a McKesson-selected vendor (the “e-Prescribing Vendor”) to provide electronic prescription services (the “Electronic Prescription Services”) to Client that allow Client to electronically transmit prescriptions to and from applicable physicians. Notwithstanding Section 7 of the Agreement, McKesson may terminate the Electronic Prescription Services immediately, without penalty, if requested to do so by the Electronic Prescription Service Vendor.


  1. Client agrees to utilize the Electronic Prescription Services in accordance with the Agreement, its exhibits or attachments, all applicable law and regulations now or hereafter imposed, and McKesson and/or e-Prescribing Vendor-provided instructions and specifications, and to provide McKesson and/or the e-Prescribing Vendor with the necessary data in the proper format to enable the e-Prescribing Vendor to properly furnish Electronic Prescription Services.
  2. Client represents and warrants that Client has obtained all patient consents or authorizations necessary for the transmission of information to McKesson and/or to the INS Vendor, and handling thereof, as provided herein.
  3. McKesson is subject to third party processing requirements, and McKesson reserves the right from time to time, as may be reasonably necessary, without liability to Client or its customers, to suspend, revise, modify, or update any part of the Electronic Prescription Services, upon reasonable notice to Client, to the extent that McKesson modifies the Electronic Prescription Services for all customers, and provided that McKesson does not materially reduce the level of services provided.
  4. Client agrees to use the Electronic Prescription Services solely for Client’s internal business purposes for electronic prescribing messages and with EnterpriseRx®, Third Party Software, and/or EnterpriseRx® Hardware, as applicable.

3. PRESCRIPTION INFORMATION. Client acknowledges and agrees that the Electronic Prescription Services provided hereunder are not intended to serve as a replacement for: (i) a written prescription where not approved as such by appropriate governmental authorities or where such written prescription is required for record keeping purposes; or (ii) applicable prescription documentation. Use of the Electronic Prescription Services is not a substitute for a health care provider’s standard practice or professional judgment. Any decision with regard to the appropriateness of treatment, or the validity or reliability of information, is the sole responsibility of a patient’s health care provider.